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The Tea & Boba Lounge is boutique experience offering boba tea, loose leaf teas, and pastries to enjoy in a lounge experience in downtown Williamstown, Massachusetts.

I'm Glory-Anne, and my journey as a serial entrepreneur has been nothing short of an exciting rollercoaster ride filled with twists, turns, and unexpected discoveries. (I love rollercoasters!) Learning, for me, isn't a linear path; it's an adventure that keeps evolving.

In 2020, I ventured into the world of tea with my own manufacturing company. Chocolate is Self-Care became my mantra, and it led to the creation of a line of deliciously unique teas with 13 original blends and more exciting flavors on the horizon. Our loose-leaf blends have become quite popular from Chocolate Chai to Chocolate Lavender Haze.

However, the name Chocolate is Self-Care sometimes led people to believe we sold chocolates. So, I embraced the opportunity, enrolled in a semester-long bean-to-bar chocolate-making class And voila! Summer 2024 will see the launch of our coverture chocolates, all crafted in the tea studio in Cohoes, NY.

Inspiration struck when I met the founders of Boba Guys, Andrew Chau, and Bin Chen, in 2021. Their story of starting small at farmers' markets resonated with me. Taking a page from their book, I dived into the world of boba milk tea, creating unique flavor combinations that set us apart from other boba companies.

In September 2022, I opened a brick-and-mortar tea studio in Cohoes, NY—serving as the heart of Chocolate is Self-Care Teas. In February 2024, I opened the Tea and Boba Lounge. Two sister companies with different purposes but rooted in the same family.



Our moral compass guides us to source materials responsibly to support fair wages, worker education, and environmental preservation. 

We take pride in sourcing our materials from certified wholesalers and directly from small farms worldwide that align with our ethical values. Many farms are opting to collaborate, securing better prices for their goods. This, in turn, means creating safer working conditions, fair wages, education, and in some cases providing adequate housing.

We source from farms that engage in environmental preservation through initiatives like reduced water usage, elephant conservation, and pesticide-free practices. 

We're all about reducing, recycling, and reusing, from compostable packaging to vintage furniture, making every choice count. 

Our blue boba straws are completely home-compostable!

Did you know our featured tea line uses cacao hulls, considered a "waste product" by the chocolate industry? We saw an opportunity and turned it into our signature line!

Our commitment extends beyond quality products to fostering positive social and environmental impacts.



At the core of our community is love and acceptance. Our space is a hate-free zone, where love for others mirrors the love for oneself. Join us on this journey of flavor, sustainability, and a whole lot of love! 💖


Hello! I firmly believe that circumstances and our perceptions and reactions to them shape life. While some might view being born in an orphanage in the Philippines as a disadvantage, it is the beginning of a journey filled with opportunities, blessings, and adventures.

My story is one of resilience and hope. The unique start to my life instilled in me a sense of strength and a desire to embrace every experience with open arms. This perspective has been the guiding force behind my varied passions and adventures.



My journey with ballet began in 3rd grade and continued until my junior year in high school. During this time, I also began horse riding, starting at the age of 10. Ballet and riding complemented each other perfectly in my life; ballet gave me strength and poise while riding offered a sense of freedom and balance. 

When I set aside my toe shoes, I didn't step away from performance and athleticism. Instead, I embraced the spirited world of cheerleading during my junior and senior high school years. This new adventure allowed me to channel my energy and agility into vibrant team spirit and camaraderie.

As I journeyed into adulthood, my passion for riding stayed with me. I've had the joy of owning two horses and reached a personal best of 1 meter in the jumper ring as an amateur/owner before eventually deciding to step away from the equestrian world.

But one set of boots was swiftly replaced with another — snowboard boots! I discovered the thrill of snowboarding and learned the ropes at Jiminy Peak, embracing the snowy slopes with the same enthusiasm I had for ballet and horse riding.

My latest adventure? Surfing! After a summer lesson in 2023, I was hooked. Now, I'm eagerly searching for waves to ride, adding another layer of excitement to my life.

Off the waves and slopes, I'm happily married to my amazing husband, David, for 26 years. You'll often see him in the Lounge on weekends, where he's quite the champion dishwasher! We have two wonderful children: our daughter Morgan, who is making her mark in Boston, and our son Dominick, who is in his senior year of college.

Our family is completed by our dog, Lithe, a sprightly 13-year-old who still believes she's a puppy. Mango, our axolotl, has a personality as vibrant as his name; he is a full-time resident in the Lounge. He'll be celebrating his first birthday in March 2024.

Each chapter of my life, from its beginnings in an orphanage to all of the paths I've explored, has been a testament to the beauty of embracing life's journey with positivity and resilience. Life for me is about finding balance, whether it's through ballet, horse riding, snowboarding, surfing, or nurturing a beautiful family and some unique pets. Each step, each ride, and each wave has shaped the person I am today.


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76 Spring St, Williamstown, MA 01267

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